Save Money…with VOIP

Let’s cut to the bottom line with no marketing speak.

  1. You want your business to save money.
  2. We want you to write us a check every month.

Now, before you say that these two things are mutually exclusive, try our little calculator here.  You tell us how many new VOIP phones you need and what your current spending is per month, and we’ll tell you how many months it will take on our hosted VOIP platform before you make 100% of your money back and start saving money.  We’ll also tell you how much money you’ll be saving every month thereafter.

// <![CDATA[
function submitThis (thisForm) {
var x=parseInt(thisForm.numPhones.value);
var y=parseInt(thisForm.numExec.value);
var z=parseInt(thisForm.oldBill.value);
var totalPhones=x + y;
var newBill=totalPhones * 25;
var upFront=x * 100 + y * 250;
var totalSavings=z – newBill;
var ROI;
if (totalSavings == 0) { ROI=”No Change”;
} else if (totalSavings

Number of new VOIP phones:
Number of new Executive VOIP phones:
Old monthly phone bill:
Number of months for ROI:
Total Savings per Month:

Go ahead.  Give it a try.  It doesn’t even send us any data, it’s so simple it’s all done right within your browser.  By the way, an “Executive” phone is one that an administrative assistant or receptionist might use that has a sidecar so they can tell who’s on the phone.  These phones are more expensive than our normal VOIP phones, but they are well worth it when they’re needed!

You will need JavaScript turned on in order to do this, and the bottom line will update when you change an entry and then leave the field (hit tab or click on another field to update) but there is absolutely no way for us to capture the data that you put in.  Go ahead.  Try it and see how much money you’ll save by sending Bitnetix a check every month!

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