October 2012

Policies and Procedures

This is all about how Bitnetix does things to, for, and by the public.  In other words, if you want us to do something for you then follow these procedures.  If we say we’ll do something for you, then we’ll abide by these policies. The following is a list of our public Policies and Procedures. Privacy Policy Billing Policy and… Read More »Policies and Procedures

Current Status

Bitnetix maintains a twitter feed at @BitnetixStatus.  This feed is used to inform our customers of service-related outages and problems with our platform and upstream providers.  You are welcome to follow @BitnetixStatus on your own, but the latest status updates are always available here as well.  More details for complex outages may also be located in the archives.   Latest… Read More »Current Status


Bitnetix wants to enable you to help yourself as much as possible.  Please take a moment to check our current status feed as we may already know about the problem you are experiencing.  If you don’t see your problem listed, please contact us to let us know what isn’t working.  You can also follow Bitnetix on Twitter for corporate information… Read More »Support

What We Do

Using Voice Over Internet (VOIP) devices and servers, Bitnetix provides business communication systems that incorporate PBX telephone systems, desktop phones, mobile phone apps, computer-based software phones, cloud-based hosted systems, and intelligent call routing that lets you decide what is the best way for your customers to communicate with you.  This helps you project the image you want, makes your small… Read More »What We Do

Staff Login

Bitnetix staff, contractors, and partners can log in here.  Use of this site and access to private content are subject to restrictions.