September 2012

Nagios Conference…and Bitnetix, Part 2

Two days ago at 4:30pm Central Time, our founder and CEO, Eric Loyd, presented as part of Nagios World 2012. Now, it’s time to go home. Read more to see what we accomplished and what more there still is to do.

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Nagios Conference…and Bitnetix

Our founder and CEO, Eric Loyd, will be speaking before a sold out Nagios World North America conference in St. Paul, Minnesota next week. You can still purchase a silver ticket and see his talk, though! We look forward to seeing you in St. Paul!

New Office…and VOIP

It is the Fifth of September, and Bitnetix has fully moved to its new offices at High Tech Rochester in the Lennox Tech Center.  Today is the first day that our entire staff is working from the same office at the same time.  What a beautiful sight to see all that productivity all at once.Read More »New Office…and VOIP