Recurring Payment Request Form

Bitnetix is pleased to announce online bill payment and recurring payments!

Online Payments

When we send you a PDF copy of your invoice, there will be a link to pay your bill on the bottom left of the PDF. Click it to go to a secure web site to pay your bill with VISA, MasterCard, or a bank-to-bank transfer. This service is free to you and does not require signing up for any sort of account. If you prefer to pay with PayPal, you can do that by going to and entering your invoice total (not the invoice number) and paying that way. You may use any valid PayPal payment method to pay your invoice.

Recurring Payments

You can also set up automatic payments from your VISA, MasterCard, American Express* or Discover by filling out the following form. This lets us automatically bill your credit card each month, eliminating lost invoices, missed payments, late fees, and service outages. Please fill out all fields marked with an asterisk (*) and we will update your account.

This form utilizes an embedded third party web site ( for you to submit your credit card information to us securely. Though it may not show up in your browser as being a secure site, we promise that it is “under the hood.”

Bitnetix constantly strives to improve our service and provide great customer support. If you ever have a question about your bill, our service, or anything else (like where to go for all-you-can-eat pancakes with real maple syrup starting around Valentines Day), our staff is standing by to help you. Just send an email to and they’ll get right on it!

Thanks for continuing to be one of our best customers!

*Some American Express corporate cards may not be eligible for this service. We are working with our card processor to see if we can remove these barriers.