Phone Systems

Bitnetix’s custom telephone systems begin with the deployment of a Voice Over IP (VOIP) based PBX at our customer’s site (or sites).  This provides our service’s highest level of functionality with minimum customer bandwidth requirements and the most flexibility interfacing with existing legacy telephone connections such as analog copper lines, PRIs, or other digital circuits.  Since the phones at your office talk to each other over your data network instead of copper telephone lines, you can move people and offices just by moving their phone to a new data jack and plugging it in.

Our systems provide all of the features you would expect in an office phone system such as voice mail, conferencing, interactive voice response menus, plus dozens more.  With our mobile device integration, we can include cell phones, desktop, laptop, and tablet devices as part of the system, in addition to traditional desktop telephones.  This means that your personal cell phone number never needs to be given to clients ever again (unless you want to), since you can run our mobile app and always appear to be at the office.  This is perfect for the mobile work force, a traveling sales rep, or any professional who makes client site visits, but still needs to be reachable as if they were at the office.

By merging on-site, hosted, and backup systems into a seamless hybrid design, your business is always providing the right communication at the right time for your customers.  If your Internet is down, our cloud-based system can take over for you.  If your office is flooded, our backup system can be used to allow your mobile work force to continue working.  This ability to provide business continuity and disaster recovery in an emergency means that you are never without the means to continue to run your business, even if your business is literally underwater, on fire, or blown away in a tornado.  This helps you project the image you want, makes your small business look bigger, and increases the perceived value of your business in the eyes of your customers, partners, and vendors.

Won’t you contact us today to discuss how we can help you use your telephone system to look bigger, project a more mature corporate image, recover from disaster, and provide the right communication at the right time for your small business?

We are the Business of Communication.