Lt Governor visits with Bitnetix

Lt. Governor Robert DuffyLt. Governor Robert Duffy stopped by High Tech Rochester yesterday, which is where Bitnetix’s main office is.  Eric Loyd, our founder and CEO, was invited to spend some time with the LG and join some of the HTR board of Directors and a small group of fellow CEOs from the HTR incubator program for lunch with the LG.

Though time was limited and his visit short, Mr. Loyd did get the opportunity to speak with Mr. Duffy and give a quick overview of how Bitnetix helps small businesses look bigger and provides them the right communication at the right time.  With the chance to tell the New York State government’s number two man what would be most useful and helpful to Bitnetix directly, Mr. Loyd said,

One of the barriers to working with New York State as a small startup is that state contracts are typically only given to companies with previous government contracting experience.  This Catch-22 makes it hard for entrepreneurs to reach State agencies and offer their new, unique, and often cost-saving products and services.  I think a great way to encourage entrepreneurial engagement with the State would be to have a list of small companies that are part of incubators like High Tech Rochester’s that State agencies have to go to first to look for goods and services.  Only after exploring what the small business startups can provide would they then move on to the current procurement process.  This would help ensure that New York is a great place to be an entrepreneur.

Mr. Duffy only stayed for about an hour and a half, but Mr. Loyd was very happy to have been chosen to represent entrepreneurs throughout the greater Rochester region, and hopes to be able to connect with Mr. Duffy’s office in the future to follow up on how startups and early-stage companies can do more for New York state.