Disaster Recovery for Small Businesses…and VOIP

Power outages, fires, floods, downed telephone poles, or even locking yourself out of the office are all disasters that can cost your small business dearly.  Lost sales, lost support, and lost trust from your customers translates into less revenues and a lower bottom line.  Disaster recovery, or DR, is all about making sure that you can ride out these storms of life, as well as being able to recover from them in the end.

It’s easy to imagine how an extended power outage or fire at the office can affect your customers, but it might not be so easy to imagine why a broken key that prevents you from getting to your desk might cause lost sales.  Well, perhaps it is imaginable, but fundamentally, any time you are not properly communicating with your customers, vendors, and partners, you do not have the right communication at the right time.  When someone calls to place an order or get support, if you don’t answer the phone then they go to the next company on the search engine until they find someone who can.

Being accessible is more than just routing calls to the right person, it’s about integrating the main office, home office, remote office, desktop phone, laptop, mobile phone, and tablet computer so that no matter where you are, your customers can reach you.  No matter which location is on fire, your partners can contact you.  No matter which device was accidentally dropped in the lake, you can call your vendors.  The right communication at the right time is not just a slogan or a tagline, it is a way of life.

Bitnetix’s VOIP platform can supplement your office phone system or it can be a full-fledged backup system.  We can accept incoming calls, send them to a common voicemail box that sends the message as an email to a single person, or we can duplicate everyone’s voicemail box so that you still have your own personal greetings and a system that sends you emails on your personal devices.  With our VOIP routing capabilities, we can reroute calls to another office, send them to a backup system, or just quietly change things so that your phone never even knows that the main server isn’t working.  From your perspective, everything is humming along just fine.

Except for the broken key that you’re trying to extract from your office door lock.

The right communication for a Bitnetix client means never having to miss a call, even if the office is on fire, everyone left, no one knows what’s going on, and lawyers are running wild in the hallways.  The right time is always now and our platform is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every minute of every hour with full redundancies, backups, and alternative routing capabilities.  After all, we use our own platform and we want to have the right communication at the right time for us, too.

Bitnetix is the Business of Communication.