May 17, 2012

Using Unity?

Cisco Unity is a unified messaging framework used by many companies for their phone systems.  Unity is very powerful, and with licensing fees, server resources, and IT infrastructures, Unity is expensive.  Bitnetix can replaced your expensive Unity software with free Open Source software that integrates right into your existing system.  Your ROI is almost instant!

Bitnetix is experienced in converting businesses and organizations from using Unity to using free, unlicensed Open Source software.  This can potentially save thousands of dollars every year.  We have a proven procedure that maintains voice mail capabilities, message waiting indicator lights, interactive voice response systems, voice mails sent as email attachments, and lots of other features.  Additional functionality such as call routing, conference calling, and custom call programming can be added as well, depending on what functionality you are looking for.

The cost savings don't stop with just replacing Unity.  Since our software is Open Source based, not only is the software license free, but the back-end database is free, as is the Linux operating system on which it runs.  This means you can eliminate your Unity license, but you may also be able to get rid of your Microsoft SQL Server license and server, as well as a few other servers along the way.  This could represent a savings of tens of thousands of dollars!!  Have (or want) a virtualized server?  No problem - our software runs perfectly in a virtual server environment.  In fact, we prefer it, since it consolidates resources, decreases carbon footprints, and increases savings potential.

The only cost involved to switch from Unity is to hire Bitnetix to do the work!  You can also set up a support contract with Bitnetix for any post-conversion maintenance or custom programming. Contact us today for additional information on saving your company thousands of dollars in unnecessary telecommunications charges per year.  Your bottom line will thank you.

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