May 17, 2012

Hired Guns

How does it work? You fill out some paperwork, provide a resume and proof of eligibility to work in the US, and then you are an independent contractor working for Bitnetix.  When new opportunities arise, all of our Hired Guns are notified.  Those who indicate interest in the work are selected by Bitnetix staff for proper knowledge, client fit and work schedules.  Once a Gun is matched up with a job, the work is performed, Bitnetix bills the client, and the Gun gets paid.

Feel free to join the mailing list to see what sort of opportunities we have.  Your information is confidential, anonymous, and will not be shared with anyone.

What kind of "opportunities" are there? It varies.  They are generally short-term, "one-off" type things that Bitnetix wants to be able to respond to quickly.  That means things like equipment installations, short troubleshooting issues, after-hour support, and so forth.  With our in-house integrated phone system, we can also offer our clients seamless phone support while the calls are actually going to our Hired Guns cell phones!

If you would like more information about the Hired Guns program, please use the Contact Us link in the main menu and let us know.  We'll send you a packet of information about the program and what you need to do to get in it (don't worry, it's easy).  You can get a head start by being ready with an updated resume.  You will not be hired as a Bitnetix employee or as an employee of any of our clients.  You will be an independent contractor under a non-disclosure agreement and you can keep your day (or night) job.  Your participation in the Hired Guns program or decision to engage any opportunity is completely voluntary and anonymous, and we will never share our list of gunslingers with anyone unless legally compelled to.

We are always looking for more Hired Guns, so spread the word!